I created my Soul Entrepreneur MBA program to help the new or experienced soul entrepreneurs create a powerful business that satisfies their desire to help and fulfills their dreams! 

~ Angel

It's time to transform!

It's time to stop dreaming about it and doing it.....

This programming is designed to take an individual, practitioner from a space of frustration and HARD work to a space of satisfaction and SMART work.  Our work together will open you to what is possible.  Whether a few thousand or 6-figures, you can create anything you desire and I will work with you to create the road to unlocking your DREAM BUSINESS.


For the business owner that wants to stand up and give their business a boost.

For the business owner that wants to walk away from their 9 to 5.

For the business owner that wants to make real money with their business.

For the business owner that wants control fo their lives.

For the business owner who wants to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.


Does this sound like you?

I can help you breakthrough...


I am Angel, I'm a Channel, Medium, Angelic Healer, Soul Purpose & Life Coach and I’m here to help you connect to the Divine, ignite your SOUL PURPOSE and generate TRUE ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. 

In my 25+ years as a practitioner I have helped my clients create abundance in their lives.  I found that most people struggle in love.  Wanting and wishing for love but never satisfied.  When connecting to the Divine I found that by surrounding the system with the deep and unconditional love from the Divine Source and Mother we are able to heal the deep rooted blocks that affect the flow of love in our system.

Through this work I was able to create a breakthrough for myself and manifested the loving relationship with my true Soul Path Partner.  And was also able to release the deep seeded pains and blocks that affected and stopped me from creating all that I desired in my life.  It was a TRUE BREAKTHORUGH.


I have been able to create a fabulous life that continues to exceed my expectations, and I have helped others accomplish the same.  In this course, I will take you through my process step by step.  My desire is to get you through the program with ease, comfort, and success! 

I want to help you create a breakthrough in your life and open up to love so that you can generate abundant prosperity and can manifest that great love in your life.

My business development program is designed for the metaphysical or holistic practitioner who is either launching their business or wishes to flip the switch and take their business to the next level!  This program is those who are ready to BREAKTHROUGH from a wish of what they can do to the reality of what is possible.  This is for those who want to create financial & SOUL fulfillment. 

In this program you will; 


ignite your into a purpose-driven life with confidence in your message and services that will make an impact in your community and your bottom line. 


will connect you to the Law of Attraction to create a prosperous life that connects to your purpose and passion.  


will understand modern online tools and strategies to support your business and connect to more potential clients and an international audience.


will give gain the keys and tools to build a consistent and sustainable business.  


In our work together you will:


Gain clarity on your vision and your dream


Gain a clear connection to your purpose


Create programming and pricing that will lift your offerings and ignite your business


Dissolve your limiting beliefs and blockers that have stopped you from moving forward in your dream


Gain respect for your personal time and space to build a great quality of life


Give you the tools to create a business that does business


Build business and marketing plans to give you laser focus, short, mid and long-term


Learn how to use and put in place tools to build a constantly growing sales funnel 


Learn to deliver heartfelt sales, gain confidence in selling your services beyond just one time - small-time sessions


Strengthen your voice and connection to your clients to go beyond a question by question practitioner and become and SOUL coach and client partner.


Master your true Big Dreamer Mindset


Are you ready to take the step into creating your dream?  


I strive to take program participants through an experience that will give them tools to succeed.  You will learn:


  • Real business and marketing training based on trending and valuable techniques for today's online practitioner

  • High Impact coaching skills thtat will add tools to your toolbox that will give value to your clients

  • My WOW Mindset 

  • How to use technology to BOOST your business to the  next level

  • How to build your tribe and engage with a worldwide audience

  • What ideal tools and technologies will support your dream business


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I focus on giving program participants quality time, content, and energy.  

You will receive:


  • A detailed client intake form & 25-minute discovery session

  • 50 minute 1:1 private sessions

  • Email support through the program, access between sessions for review and feedback when needed

  • Workshops to help you release and break through limiting beliefs, blocks,and shackles to what may be stopping your vision

  • Real activities, exercises, and workbook content 

  • Templates and samples of forms and documents to support your business.

  • Soul Path work in workshop and 1:1, to customize a plan to help you align your business with your Soul Purpose


You will also receive a deep dive assessment of where you are right now.  A valuable assessment of what's working for you right now that we can build on and what you may need to release.  

We will work together to help you find or refine your purpose-driven brand



Why should you work with me?


I took on making my business work because I knew deep down inside it was what I was put here to do.  I knew that it was my Divine Purpose.  As I struggled my way through I couldn't give up.  Over the years I found that I could help do the same.  This became even more satisfaction!!  I knew this was my true Divine Purpose!


What have I accomplished?


I have been able to build a strong and thriving business coaching and advising individuals about their lives, love, and business.  Which I love!


I have created a space where I have quality time with my family and has allowed me to spend vacations and home time with my spirited and loving daughter and fabulous husband.  Something I didn't get so much of climbing the corporate machine.


I've been able to build my knowledge, gifts, and education to provide the best services for current and potential clients!


I have worked with thousands of clients one-on-one and in groups & classes


I have done over 15,000 private session hours as a practitioner


I have created many successful programs, real-time and automated class content and services.


Have achieved program launches of $25K +

Consistently earn 6-figures a year engaging with the community in your dream gig!

Most important. I am PASSIONATE about helping spiritual entrepreneurs be successful in a business that fulfills and satisfies them.


Why is my program different?


Working in the community as a practitioner I experienced successes and growth where others were struggling.  As I helped my peers and clients focus their business and their life goals I found that how I focused and coached not only provided results but gave support in areas not very many coaches focused in the community.  In addition, I found that experience as a spiritual entrepreneur gave me insight and understanding to the specific needs of the business.  I am able to support, emphasize and strategies with you as a true partner in your dream.


Many of the practitioners pursuing their dreams don't have the benefit of a business degree or background, what they have is their training and education that make them amazing and the desire to be of service and create a fulfilling life.

I focus on evolving you to go from struggling to find your ideal clients to full access to the clients you truly want to work with that are willing to pay for talents.

Man with Glasses
Giving a Speech

I believe building a successful spiritual or holistic business in today's changing consumer environment requires a solid business foundation, an understanding of tools, concepts, and processes to create and maintain a financially successful business and a willingness to engage with new marketing techniques.


I have found that when working with my clients through coaching, mindset focus and business training they evolved to stand stronger on the playing field and were able to create success.


Why is this?  


- Participants receive a welcome message gives tips and FAQs on how to navigate through and complete the program. 


- I take participants through live calls and webinars through the program for real-time learning and feedback.  


- I support my clients with 1:1 session during the program to keep them focused and guide them through customized solutions


- I am available to answer questions via email and text message throughout the program.


- The training content is formatting to be simple and supportive.  And it is real and structured, which I find is what my clients have needed.

Covid 19

Times have changed

We have to adapt

We need to expand our reach

We need to help more people

What you receive:

1:1 Sessions

//  Discovery session Session; a consultation to get to know you and what you feel about where you should and where you would like to go in your business.

//  Soul System Scan Session; an energy system scan to see where you may need to shift, release or clear

//  Soul Purpose Action Plan Session;  a consultation to set down goals and actions to meet the needs of the student.

//2 1:1 Sessions a month for customized support and coaching

Courses to accelerate your business process

//  Business fundamentals (3 weeks)

//  21st-century Business Strategy (4 weeks)

//  Technology & Tools (3 weeks)

//  Coaching and connecting (2 weeks)

//  Programming and Service Development (3 weeks)

//  Presenting, Speaking and engaging (3 weeks)

//  Business fundamentals (2 weeks)

//  Online Successful Business Operations (4 weeks)

Workbooks and Activities

//  Metaphysical Practitioner Business Development Workbook; includes more than 30 soul purpose activities, my 8 point soul activation process, and my Connect to Spirit process.

// What's my niche workbook; a workbook with activities to help you divine where you desire to focus as a practitioner


24 Video Workshops (including):

//  Soul Activation Workshop; complimenting the workbook, this is a walkthrough of the activities to help you with the process

//  7 Rays Mastery; a workshop that will help you with the release of what we find in our work together

//  Activate your Soul Purpose; a guide through the finding and sparking your soul's purpose

//  Releasing Limiting Beliefs; finding and releasing the limiting beliefs that may have placed blocks and filters on your goals

//  Releasing the chords and connections to the past; identifying and releasing the past and connections to the people or situations that may be holding you back

// Create Amazing & Powerful Goals.  Setting up your path for success through setting powerful goals!

Business Practical Workshops

These workshops have been designed to take you through real business tools to help you refine and master how you use them to build success!

Partnerships and Community

Podcasting 101

Social Media 101

Building Your Tribe

Finding Your Niche & Ideal Client



Each workshop includes activities the students will hand in to be included in the overall assessment and recommendations.

Reports and Assessments

//  Soul Purpose Life Path Map, tools, instructions, and feedback to help you with creating a roadmap for success


//  Soul System Scan Report; my exclusive report that includes recommendations and solutions to help you based on the results of the scan

That's 15 1:1 sessions, 12 video workshops, 3 full programs (and more!) designed to help you accelerate your business.


I've included MORE!


Mindset is as important as real business knowledge.  I want to give you as much as I can to help you build and develop your rockin' business. To help with this I have included some of the tools I've used with my 1:1 clients.  Meditations and tools to focus you on creating a powerful space where anything is possible!   


These are BIG BONUSES to help you truly launch with intent and momentum.

Bonus Content!

Creating prosperity with the Divine Touch ($38 value)

Be You and Create! ($38 value)

Raise your limits and reach for the sky  ($38 value)

Letting go of doubt and judgment ($38 value)

Taking the fear out of your reality ($38 value)

Money manifestation mindset ($38 value)

Setting your intention and generating that intention ($38)

Shifting you to the sixes & sevens club ($99 value)

Clear chaos to create prosperity ($99 value)


Money Magnetism 

I am Worthy

No Struggle Prosperity

Manifestation Magic

Confident as a LION!


>> This is a value of $12,600!

>> I've included the coaching and teachings that have been delivered exclusively to my private mentoring clients.

>>I've revamped and adjusted the materials to meet the changes we've experienced as the world focuses on virtual business

>> I cover subjects that I have experienced dramatic personal success

>> I have focused on subjects that have not just made a difference in my own business but in those of clients I have helped.  

My desire is to give you tools and strategies that will help you create revenues without working your souls to the bone!



I'm passionate about creating success and prosperity for you.  By giving you real practical tools that will help you build your skills, business knowledge, and become more than just adequate at growing your business in the new online trends.

I have been working at this business for more 30 years, as I said.  Working it part-time as I worked in the mainstream earning the money and benefits I needed to support my family.  In 2008, when the financial markets crashed, I decided to focus full time on my business and was able to create amazing results.

My knowledge as a finance and marketing professional helped me build a presence, engage with clients and create an experience that gave me traffic, returning clients that pay and consistently refer family and friends to my services.  And I was able to connect with clients without them feeling a sales pitch.  My passion for my client's success is authentic and sincere.  I believe in the power of creation and manifestation that we each deserve to be generously prosperous in our lives every day.  This means you!

I have come to appreciate the value of creating an experience that solves an issue for my clients rather than just giving a one-off session that answered a question rather than creating transformation.  When I shifted my focus I was able to create consistent growth in my business that generated 5 figure months through program launches, mentoring & coaching clients, and workshops.

I want to give you the keys to creating the same for your business in your way.  I put these specific topics together to give the key to unlock to code for your business.


I look forward to seeing you blossom as you create your real BIG dream of making your passion your business.  For Real!

I created this program to be a game-changer for you. 


You will get those important business strategies you are looking for. 

You'll shift your mindset and turn into a manifestation magnet

You will learn how to thrive by creating a business that connects deeply to your passions

You will let go of being driven by fear

You will release doubts and blockers and focus on what is truly possible for your dream

You will learn how to create a BIG vision for your business

You will be where, who and what you have always dreamed of!

Take the big step into your true soul path!  Sign up today and let's make your dream happen together.


It's time to get started!

You will have access to the course materials and to me the moment you sign up!

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