1. How does a client prepare for a session?

- the fist session will be a "getting to know you session".  We will talk about your concerns, past, wishes, likes and loves.  My desire is to connect and get a feel for one another as we talk about what you're situation.  To see if we can work together and if what I have to offer is what you're in need of.  

2. How do I get started with a program?

- schedule a complimentary consultation and let's talk about it!

3. What  are the types of healing use?

- I am an energy healer.  I focus on your energy centers, energy fields and physical being to create balance and release4 blocks and other energies.  The healing takes place using these energies and other tools such as, essential oils, sound and crystals.  We may also tap into your past life experiences and explore any relationship chords that may be contributing to your condition.

4. What is your process?

- all my clients are asked to sit with me for consult where we will talk about what your needs are and how I can assist you

- I'll take you through a system scan and assessment.  This will help me see what we need to work on in your healing process

- I put together of action that focuses on resolving your concerns, releasing past energies, blocks and healing your system

5. How long is the healing process?

- there is no "right" answer, for it is different for each of us.  I have experienced immediate response and have worked with clients for months -- depending on their condition and other factors.

6. How long will you take to decide it may not be working?

- within the 2nd or 3rd week most clients can feel whether the program is working for them