I work with clients 1:1 when they either do not wish to go through the group option, wish to get started prior to the next open session, or who just prefer to work one on one.  The program is set up a little different and has a cost reflecting our one on one work together.  The program includes:

- 1:1 session to assess your situation, understand your concerns and establish your intent in coming to the program

- action activities focused on tapping your life purpose, keeping you focused and helping you through the process

- 3 1:1 workshops that will take you through the key elements I use to connect my clients to the sacred rays, balancing their energy systems, activating the intuition, and strengthening the connection to the guides, angels, and Divine source,

- video, audio files, and written instructions that will take you through the process.

-  one and two-week follow-up sessions to check-in and see how you're doing, maintain your focus, and help guide you.  Again, resetting and refocusing if needed.

1:1 Violet Flame Activation Workshop - 2 paymemts