spiritual medium, master soul source reader & teacher 

Activate Your Soul Purpose

Connect to the SOURCE and activate your SOUL!


Connecting to Spirit and your Soul Source to ACTIVATE your Purpose and IGNITE your LIFE!

Angel brings a unique style that features a mix of love, joy, and a little touch of humor.  High energy fueled by her deep connection to her personal mission to create space for her clients to generate possibilities they've believed to be impossible by igniting her client's connection to the Divine.  By awakening your Divine purpose, igniting your intuition, and connecting you firmly in the warmth of Divine Love you will release blocks, let go of pre-programmed limiting beliefs and ignite your Divine purpose.  Bringing deep life fulfillment.

"I believe anything is possible when you are clear, grounded, and open to receive what the Divine has for you"


I am Angel, I'm a Channel, Medium, Soul Source Reader & Teacher.  I can help you heal, release blocks & the past, and calm your soul when you have need of support.

I am a Reiki Master and certified Angel Healer.  I also work with tools and systems provided to us by the Divine Source in a process that I call Soul Activation.  I have worked as an intuitive reader and healer in the community for almost 30 years and have facilitated more than 15,000 individual healing and reading sessions.  I am passionate about empowering my clients to reach for and achieve their greatest dreams and visions.  

I want to help you break the bonds of the blocks, chaos, negative chords, and shadow chatter that stand in your way.  All so that you can create a harmonious and joyous life.

I am here to help you bring balance and healing to your soul so that you can manifest with focus and live the joyous life you have been promised.

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Wake Up And Connect!

Connect with your Spirit Posse to activate and deepen your intuition and gain clarity around your life's purpose.

Let your connection reveal your life's joy!
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