Healing Services

Distance Healing


Our energies can connect and interact from all distances.  For in spirit we are multi dimensional.  I connect with your spiritual energy to focus on healing energies, tools, and technologies to help you regain balance and heal what may be off in your system.  By connecting with your energy I see where you may have disruptions in your energy field, your being, and your energy centers.  Things can sometimes occur as pains, aches and other physical distractions, I look to see where you may have any of these disruptors -as I like to call them.  Thr9ough prayer, meditation, work with vibrations and sounds from my collection of healing tools, application of solfeggio frequencies, and the ascended masters I focus on relieving you of the blocks and creating balance.

Did you know you can heal yourself?


We each have access to the sources of support and healing that is given to us by the Divine.  When we are in balance with our connection, strong in our faith and our energy centers are clear and activated the healing process flows within us much smoother and successfully.  Part of our journey together will be to both heal and teach you how to heal and to support your body moving forward.   Before you can learn how to heal we have to get to the source of why you are not healing and restoring today.  We have to start with finding the why that brought you here.

Our work together will include:

a discovery session to help me understand what your need and concerns

a health assessment intake form to get all your concerns front and center

a system scan to see where you may have issues, blocks, or interrupts.

weekly healing sessions (frequency will depend on the program you join)

soul exploration to check the chords or stories you may be pulling in as distractors from your past live(s)

text message access for support during your program

prescribed/suggested support tools to help with your progress

Basic Healing Program

8 Private 1:1 Virtual Healing Sessions

2x per week for 4 weeks


Focused Healing Program

12 Private 1:1 Virtual Healing Sessions

3x per week for 4 weeks


  • BasicHealingProgram

    8 1:1 Sessions: 2x per week for 1 month
    Valid for one month
  • FocusedHealing

    12 1:1 Sessions; 3x week for 1 month
    Valid for one month

Are you ready to get started?

Conditions:  Angel does not work with dispelling "curses" or black/dark magic.  She does not work with some mental health conditions - bipolar, schizophrenia, server depression, advanced disease such as ALS, MS,. Pain from joint, bone, or degenerative disease if it is associated with inflammation.  Angel does not work with releasing spells, curses, or black magic.   


Angel Thacker is not a licensed nor degreed medical doctor, practitioner, practicing nurse, psychotherapist, chiropractor nor any other formally licensed medical professional.  As such, Angel Thacker does not make medical or psychological diagnoses, nor does she prescribe or recommend medical or psychological treatments.  Please be sure you have read this site's terms and services and acknowledge that the services described here to not take the place of medical or psycho9logical advice from a licensed healthcare professional.  Angel recommends you seek the care of a licensed healthcare professional if you feel care is required.  Guidance and information provided by Angel should not be taken claim of cures, the promise of benefits or guarantee of results.  Angel makes no guarantee of her services or results.